Student Activities

Access Magazine

“If you’d like a career in journalism, this could be your first step on the road to your new career”. ACCESS is interested in developing students’ ability, especially in writing, working in team, as well as developing working skills. This unique written media in the English Department is designed exclusively by students. It features students’ works such as articles, short stories, even comics, which animates the contents. The department fully supports students’ involvement in the process of publication.

Drama Performance

The drama performance, the final project of Theater and Acting class, is an annual event in which ED students are involved in the drama production either as cast or crew. In this activity, besides learning English students also learn how to act and work in a team. The performance is open to the public .

ED Adventure Freak

For an escape from routines there is nothing better than a trip in one of EDAF’s programs. Salatiga is surrounded by enchanting views of mountains and hills. EDAF was founded by students who appreciate nature. It holds one day trip, short camp and a mountain climbing trip during trimester breaks. It trains students to be aware of their environment and to have good survival skills in nature.

English Debating Society

English Debating Society is a club where debating skills and critical and logical thinking are utilized. Debate is presented in a fun activity involving students of ED and other faculties. EDS is conducted according to the Australasian Parliamentary system. EDS has hosted national event on debate such as the Java Overland Varsities English Debate. EDS has also joined national and international events like the Indonesian Varsities English Debate and Australasian Debating Championship in Singapore 2001.

English Department Film Festival

is an exhibition of the final project of Introduction to Film Making class. Students who take this course must produce short films in video format. They will learn how to operate the cameras, lights, etc., as well as to edit their footage. At the end of the course, they will show their films to the public.

LOVED & Talent Night

Being students of the English Department means using English intensively. The faculty encourages students to continue using English when the class stops. The English Department traditionally hosts an English event which emphasizes the use of English. Loading Via English Days is a 2 day English-based variety program held annually in the first trimester of the year. Loved requires students to use English as often as possible in its program of games, seminars and talent show. At the end of LOVED, a Talent Night features students’ talent in music and performance. It has become a prestigious event at Satya Wacana Christian University since FBS is the only faculty which features its lecturers in performance. Once a year, teachers entertain students on stage. Joining the groove with students symbolizes good relations among lecturers and students in the English Department.

Also, ED Community Service, ED Voice, ED Dance, and ED Writing