Resources in Campus

Need a place to study and find references for your assignments? You can go to SAC and help yourself there. There are computers where you can access the internet. If you need a place to discuss the assignment with your friends, you can also go to this place. SAC also provides materials for listening, so you can practice listening yourself. However, if you want to borrow the books from SAC you need to have SAC membership card.

University Library

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 07.15 – 17.45;
Saturday 07.15 – 11.45.
Closed during Monday service at 9 – 10.
Every fourth Saturday of the month, the library is closed at 10.45.

Studying in the university is different from studying in High Schools. As university students, you have to actively learn inside and outside the class. University library can be a strategic place to support your study outside the class. You don’t have to register for its membership because once you are accepted as a student in this university; you have automatically become the member of the university library.


You can find information desk, OPAC (online catalogue) facility, internet facility, and online journal in the main lobby. If you want to borrow books, you can go to the fourth floor of the library (Circulation area). The maximum number of books that can be borrowed by one student is five. The library also provides photocopy service on the third and second floor.


Free for the membership card.

There are some facilities that you can use in campus to help you with your personal and academic needs. They are available to help you feel at home and successful in your study.

Health Clinic, Dentistry, Laboratory and Drug Store


UKSW Student Dormitory, Jl. Kartini 11A (about 15 minutes from campus)

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 7 AM-9 PM

Saturday 7 AM–12 PM


0298 321263

Maintaining your health during your study is very important. When you are feeling not well, you can use the health clinic, dentistry, laboratory and drug store free of charge, because you are covered by insurance that you pay every trimester, as long as your charge does not exceed Rp 1,700,000 per year.

If the doctor in the clinic refers you to a specialist outside of the clinic or send you to a hospital for further treatment, you can reimburse your charge. All you need to do is to get a referral from the doctor in clinic and get a receipt from the specialist. After that, you need to contact the insurance officer in Gedung Administrasi Pusat (West Wing, next to the stairs) to reimburse your charge.


  • 4 general doctors
  • 2 dentists
  • a drugstore
  • laboratory (for blood testing, immunization, etc.)


Free of charge (for treatment covered by insurance)
For other treatments, check with the receptionists


Photocopy Centers


  • Kopamika (near campus entrance gate)
  • Library, 2nd Floor (to the right of the information desk)
  • G Building, 1st floor (across the elevator)

Opening Hours

7 AM – 8 PM (Kopamika)
7 AM – 6 PM (Library)
8 AM – 4 PM (G Building)

Copy centers are essential to your life in campus. Many teachers put their materials to be copied at the copy centers and you are responsible to copy them yourself. You will also need to copy some books from the library. Some of those books are not allowed to be taken outside of the library. Therefore, you need to make a copy in the library copy center.


Photocopy (regular, bigger/smaller copies)
Binding (ring, cellotape)
Cover printing (soft/hardcovers)


Varies, according to the service