Financial Matters

Financial Information

Tuition and other fees must be paid before the payment deadline (you must refer to the academic calendar). You can go the appointed bank and report your payment (by showing the bank receipt) to Bagian Administrasi in GAP. Tuition and fees include: Biaya Pembangunan, Biaya Pembinaan Pendidikan, Biaya Sistem Kredit Semester and Biaya lain-lain (IKAMA, Internet service, and Health service). B

Biaya Sistem Kredit Semester (for minimum 8 SKS) and Biaya Pembinaan Pendidikan must be paid before the beginning of the semester. Before the end of the semester, the rest of Biaya Sistem Kredit Semester (the number of SKS taken at that semester minus 8 SKS) and Biaya lain-lain must be paid.

To get further financial information, you can go to Bagian Administrasi in GAP (Gedung Administrasi Pusat) or you can see the faculty secretary.

Financial Aid & Scholarship

Satya Wacana Christian University provides various kinds of annual scholarships for needy students. This financial aid is based solely on students’ financial need. Students receiving this aid do not necessarily fulfill the minimum required GPA.

A few institutions cooperating with Satya Wacana Christian University also offer scholarships which vary in the amount. Some give in cash whereas others give in the form of credits taken by students in the on-going trimester. Looking for Financial or binary options news please visit the website.

The minimum required GPA of each scholarship differs. Sponsors who offer more valuable financial aid may require a higher GPA than those providing less.

Furthermore, some churches or ethnic groups also provide scholarships which are administered by their own organizations.

Bantuan Terprogram (Banter)

Students can also seek for financial help by appling to be a banter student. A banter student receives cash from the university and is required to work for certain hours at different departments in SWCU.