Dian Toar Y. G. Sumakul, M.A.


Dian Toar Yusak Getroidester Sumakul (TS)

S.Pd. (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana)

M.A. (University of Liverpool, UK)





Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (with Distinction); School of English, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.


Sarjana Pendidikan (Bachelor on English Language Education); English Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW), Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia.




Lecturer; English Language Education Programme, Faculty of Language and Arts (FLA), UKSW.


Lecturer; English Department, Satya Wacana School of Foreign Languages, Salatiga.





Head of Centre for Language and Literature Studies of Faculty of Language and Literature (FLL) UKSW; coordinating research projects of FLL Lecturers and supervising, coordinating, and designing various trainings for teachers and other community members in Salatiga.


Coordinator of Trainings and Courses Department; Satya Wacana School of Foreign Languages, Salatiga; supervising, coordinating, and designing various trainings for community members in Salatiga.


Vice Director III; Satya Wacana School of Foreign Languages, Salatiga; Responsible for students affairs, security personnel, and community service programmes.


Coordinator of Community Service Department; Satya Wacana School of Foreign Languages, Salatiga; supervising, coordinating, and designing various community service programmes, and one was the establishment of English Teachers Forum for secondary schools in Salatiga.



2009 - present

Teacher Empowerment Programme for School Teachers in Remote Areas in Indonesia; a trainer and facilitator of various trainings, workshops, seminars, and mentoring covering topics such as 2013 Curriculum, teaching methodologies, English language skills, assessments, and classroom action research; conducted by E-SisTeM in cooperation with Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim (Astra International Tbk.), the programme is targeting school teachers in Kabupaten Bantul – Yogyakarta, Kabupaten Kutai Barat – Kalimantan Timur, Kabupaten Bogor – Jawa Barat, and Kabupaten Lampung Selatan – Lampung.   

2016 - present

Workshops on Core Skills; as a trainer for these programmes conducted by the British Councils for teachers and head teachers in Indonesia.

2018, March

Featured Workshop on Researching EFL Learners' Cognitive Processes in Online Interaction; conducted in iTELL 2018 Conference, Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Solo, Indonesia

2018, Feb

Plenary Presentation on 21st Century Teachers; presented in SIBAK Karangturi Seminar, Semarang, Indonesia.

2017, Jan-Apr

Training on Classroom Language for Kalam Kudus School Teachers in Surakarta; as a trainer and material developer; the training was aimed at empowering the participants to be able to use English as a medium of instruction in their classrooms.

2016, Nov

Motivation in Online Learning; presented in 11th BICOLE Conference, ITB Bandung

2016, Mar

Workshop on Pemanfaatan Teknologi dalam Pengajaran BIPA (technology in BIPA teaching and learning); Program Sertifikasi Guru BIPA (BIPA Teachers Certification Programme), a cooperation programme between FLL - UKSW and APBIPA; training participants in designing activities using digital technologies in BIPA teaching and learning.

2015, Nov

Incorporating Social Networking Sites into the Language Classroom; presented in AsiaCALL 2015, Xi’An Aeronautical University, China

2015, Sep

Workshop on Utilising Screen Recording Software in Researching EFL Learners’ Language; conducted at the 9th International Conference of FLL-UKSW, Capacity Building for English Education in a Digital Age.

2014, Nov-Dec

Training on English Language Skills for Science and Mathematics Teachers of SMA Schools in NTT Province; as a trainer and coordinator of the programme (a cooperation between WTA and the provincial government of NTT); preparing the participants for their short course in Brisbane, Australia.

2014, Nov

Workshop on Diseminasi Alih Media Pembelajaran BIPA (Dissemination of BIPA Learning Media Transfer); invited by the Bureau of Language Development, Ministry of Education and Culture; training BIPA teachers on the use BIPA Kosakata (Android App) in BIPA teaching and learning.

2013, Mar

Training on Classroom Language for English Lecturers of Muria Kudus University; as a trainer (sit-in) in the British Council’s Classroom Language training programme; observing the Master Trainer conducting the training sessions.



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