Community Services

The faculty is involved in community service efforts by providing various events which are expected to help the community grows, particularly in the field of education and language learning.
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If your community is interested in conducting a program in which we can contribute our expertise, please contact us.

Round Table Discussion

This program is conducted 3 times a year. The program serves as a media for the community of English teachers in and around Salatiga to talk about issues faced in English language teaching.

For information on upcoming Round Table Discussion, please contact:

ED Administration Office

Tel: +62 298 321212 ext 214 or tel/fax +62 298 312120


Salatiga Meets the World

Salatiga Meets the World is community service program under the English Department of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana. The idea of this program is taken from a similar program under the name of Global Classroom organized by One to World, a private, not-for-profit organization, with a mission to create global learning opportunities for students, educators, and the community, in New York City and beyond. For more information about One to Wolrd, please check their website:

This program offers speakers a chance to be invited inside a Salatiga school to meet young Indonesians and share important information about their country, culture, or area of academic expertise. In the process, foreign speakers are likely to learn more about their own countries and themselves.

The program is designed to be held at least twice a year during the regular PIBBI programs and during the special PIBBI program (on request). PIBBI participants will go to Salatiga schools to share real-life perspectives about their home countries and cultures. Through Salatiga Meets the World, the PIBBI participants learn about Indonesia by gaining an inside perspective about Salatiga schools and engaging in meaningful dialogue with schoolchildren and teachers while telling information about their countries.

Salatiga Meets the World program invites speakers to work with elementary, middle, and high schools in the Salatiga area, speaking (both in Bahasa Indonesia or in English, depending on their level of Bahasa Indonesia) to groups of students & teachers. The topics for the presentations could range from a cultural introduction to the speaker’s country, to special topics relating to stereotypes, culture shock, or the speaker’s academic discipline. This will help students understand others better, which in the end will enable them to avoid prejudice about other countries.

For futrher information please contact:
Coordinator: Frances Sinanu, tel. 0298 321212 ext 214, fax 0298 312120,
email: francé

Literacy Program

As part of the Literacy course offered by the Faculty this program reaches out to teach English to people beyond schools. Reaching out to communitiies, disadvantages children, and workers and professionals who are still illiterate in English.

Further information about this program (volunteer with the program or to propose a site/target students), please contact English Department Administration Office:

Tel: +62 298 321212 ext 214 or Tel/Fax: +62 298 312120